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This is LiveJournal's Brini Maxwell fans' community. Feel free to join in!
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Jul. 24th, 2006 @ 08:50 pm Brini's show has been canceled.
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Greetings Brini Maxwell Fans!
I found some good and some bad news about the Brini Maxwell Show. Stylenetwork has decided to cancel her program. Her show was very popular but the network decided otherwise. That's their loss.
For the good news, NPR has renewed Brini's contract for another year. Her podcasts have shown to be the most popular in NPR downloads. Also she is putting together bits and pieces from her old shows and they will be available for downloading later this summer. Below I've included a small bit of her interview with In NewsWeekly dated June 7th 2006. She was interviewed during Pride Week in Boston.

BM : ............................ - you should try my recipe; you can download it currently as a voice file on my weekly NPR podcast.

IN: How very techie of you Brini, I'm rather impressed. I read about the podcasts on your Web site - how are they going?

BM: They're going very well and in fact my podcasts have shown the most increase in downloads of all NPR podcasts.

IN: Fantastic!

BM: Yes, it's very exciting and they've renewed for a second season which we're currently in production on, it's great news. The podcast is called "Brini Maxwell's Hints for Gracious Living," and that's exactly what it is - each week we talk about a different aspect of life and I give my views and ideas on how to make that particular aspect as gracious as possible.

IN: I think that's an admirable goal, especially in today's society where there's so much rudeness.

BM: Yes, there is a lack of grace, isn't there?

IN: That's probably a better way to put it, isn't it?

BM: Mmmm ... yes.

IN: ...................- let's talk about what you've got going on.

BM: Well, for regular updates you can always go to my Web site: www.brinimaxwell.com. It has all the updates on Brini Maxwell appearances, what I'm working on and so forth - it's a wonderful resource. While my television show has been cancelled, it's a rather sad story but such is life, I have an interesting project coming up this summer when I'm launching a video podcast that is essentially classic Brini reissued. I'm also working on a product line of home products - decorative pillows. They're initially going to be a bit pricey but hopefully we'll be able to spin them off into a less expensive version down the line.

IN: A-la Martha Stewart and Kmart?

BM: You never know! I have a trio you know - I sing as well as stitch! There's a potential album in the works, perhaps some live shows and you never know - there might even be a touring show, though the preparation is a bit daunting. I like things well produced, you see.
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Jun. 8th, 2006 @ 08:20 pm Speaking of Podcasts......
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It's one thing when StyleNetwork messed with schedule of The Brini Maxwell Show, but now NPR is starting to mess up Brini's weekly podcasts. Twice!! Last Friday there wasn't a Brini podcast download.
I e-mailed the folks at NPR that evening and didn't hear from them until the following Monday. Just another techincal glitch they claimed and that I could now download her podcast that evening.
But here's the catch.....you know how some iTune music downloads have the words EXPLICIT or CLEAN next to them??? Well Brini's podcast had a CLEAN next to it....NOW WAIT A MINUTE.....the whole podcast was about cheese...and if Brini is going to talk dirty or EXPLICIT about cheese I certainly want to hear it!!! I don't want the CLEAN version. If Brini is going to talk dirty or EXPLICIT on anything I want to hear!!!
NPR will be hearing from me and I am going to be EXPLICIT.
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Jun. 6th, 2006 @ 10:50 pm Membership edited...
About 5 minutes ago, I removed 5 members whose journals were deleted or suspended. If you undelete (or get unsuspended) and want to rejoin, please feel free.
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Jun. 6th, 2006 @ 07:09 pm (no subject)
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Would anyone be willing to create a Livejournal RSS feed of Brini's NPR podcast? I don't have any of the software neccesary and I don't feel like installing it. I would however like to get it in my friend's list. This requires that someone make an RSS feed for Livejournal. Only a paid account can do this, and mine sadly lapsed a month ago (lame).

Is there anyone with a paid account willing to do this? It's quite simple. You go here and scroll down to the bottom. Fill in this link:


...and there should be an RSS feed for Livejournal created. Let us know if its done! I can't wait to hear the podcast!
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Feb. 27th, 2006 @ 05:32 am Brini Appearing At The 22nd Edition Of The Book And The Cook
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The 22nd edition of the Book and the Cook, Philadelphia's foremost culinary event, is set to begin March 17 and continue through March 26. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Brini will be there on Sunday March 19th. Here's how they describe it:

Brini Maxwell at Philadelphia Fish & Co., 207 Chestnut St. 215-625-8605. The Style Network diva joins co-owners Kevin and Janet Meeker to dish out fare and advice from Brini Maxwell's Guide to Gracious Living. $$.

$$ = $25 to $50 (estimated and excluding liquor, tax and gratuity)

So, if you you live in the Philadelphia area, or are planning a trip there, you should definitely check this out!

P.S. Those of you in the New York area, don't forget that Brini is still scheduled to appear at the GLBT Expo on Saturday March 25th and Sunday March 26th for a "Lifestyle Presentation and Book Signing."
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Feb. 24th, 2006 @ 07:42 pm Get Your Brini Maxwell Fix
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Hey Brini Fans!
I found this on Brini's website. Those of you who have iPods or MP3 players, you can now download Brini's weekly podcasts on NPR.
Check it out!

National Public Radio and Brini Maxwell are proud to announce that Brini has begun taping weekly Podcasts for NPR. The short recordings cover subjects as diverse as entertaining, hot baths and vintage shopping. Podcasts are the new wave in media content. They're on demand, downloadable recordings for your computer and mp3 player. You can get your weekly Brini Podcast fix, Fridays at 5pm, here, once you set it up, your preferred podcasting tool software (e.g. Odeo, iTunes, iPodder) should download each weekly installment automatically
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Feb. 23rd, 2006 @ 08:09 pm (no subject)
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anyone know when brini's airing on style? she was on for a while and i haven't seen her in ages. i wish style would quit screwing around with her schedule. she's never on when she's supposed to be.

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Dec. 9th, 2005 @ 12:45 am Watch Brini Anytime -- On Demand
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Yes, that's right! For those of you that have Comcast Digital Cable service, you can now watch episodes of "The Brini Maxwell Show" Season 2 for free, any time you want, On Demand! Two episodes have been made available so far, with a third episode scheduled to start next Friday (12/16/05). The two episodes that are currently available are "201: The Collection Agency" (Premiered on Style 10/30/05) and "202: Game For Anything" (TBA). But don't hesitate to start watching them, as episode 201 will be removed on 12/23/05, with 202 following on 12/30/05.

I almost forgot to mention that these episodes are also nearly commercial free. At the point where a segment ends and a bunch of commercials are normally shown, just a brief Style Network commercial is shown, then back to Brini. Excitement!

The Brini Maxwell Show On Demand can be found in the "Style.Life" sub-section of the "Style" section of the "Life & Home" category.

Also, don't forget that this week's "All-New" episode of The Brini Maxwell Show that would normally be shown today (12/9/05) at 2:30PM has been re-scheduled to be shown at 2:00AM tonight (perfect for us night owls)!
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Dec. 3rd, 2005 @ 07:19 pm A Very Brini Christmas
Did anyone else get this in the mail?

A Very Brini Christmas

And does anyone plan on going? If so, does anyone know if there's an age limit? I read on www.theatermania.com that it was "appropriate" for ages 18+, but, since I'm about three months shy of falling into that category, I'd just like to make sure that it's not restricted to 18+.
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Nov. 16th, 2005 @ 02:53 am Style Messes Up Again!
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Well, Style has done it again! Instead of waiting until Friday (Nov. 18, 2005) to premiere this week's episode of The Brini Maxwell Show, they decided to air it yesterday morning. On what was supposed to be the Tuesday morning repeat of "Colonial Briniburg", Style decided instead to play the new episode entitled "Hippie Dippy Brini." So, if you missed Sunday morning's airing of "Colonial Briniburg," you may very well have to wait until the new season has cycled through to see it repeated. I'm not sure if it's just a case of miscommunication between those in charge of programming and those in the control room, but this is, indeed, very disappointing and quite unprofessional. I'm starting to wonder if they've completely given up on the show and want it to do poorly. If only we could find answers about what's going on. Anyway, to be safe, I have had to start recording every airing of the show. *sigh* What one must do to be able to enjoy the wonderment that is Brini.
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